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          2. Revenue Attribution

            Bizible unifies behavioral and ad data with sales outcomes and machine learning so you can make the right marketing decisions.

            Multi-Touch Attribution
            True measurement from first touch to close, across all your marketing channels.
            Account-Based Measurement
            From measuring accounts to mailers, ABM marketing can all be tied to revenue.
            Full Funnel Insights
            Get full credit for marketing no matter where it happens in the funnel. 
            Custom Attribution Modeling
            Apply marketing credit to the various stages that matter in your buying cycle.
            Events & Conferences Tracking
            See marketing performance for offline channels alongside digital channels.
            Ad Network Integration
            Granular media insights including keyword and ad level performance. 

            Marketing-powered revenue growth

            Omnichannel, EveryTouch marketing attribution data to align teams under one goal: revenue. From CMO to channel manager, Bizible provides the data and insights your team needs to make smart, data-driven decisions that power growth.

            Predictive account-based marketing (ABM) analytics

            Know which accounts are ready to strike and which need more attention from marketing with predictive account engagement scores.

            Built from behavioral data with lead-to-account mapping and data science, you'll be able to more effectively prioritize time and budgets.

            Built with ease and flexibility in mind 

            Smart processes make getting the highest quality data easy and automated, handling the needs of your organization, SMB to enterprise.

            Additionally, Bizible makes it easy to report wherever you want: Bizible Discover, your CRM, or your favorite BI tool via Data Warehouse.

            Works with the marketing technologies you're already using

            and hundreds more

            Bizible is #1 in market share and satisfaction for B2B marketing performance management

            "Bizible has enabled us with better insights to where marketing is contributing to revenue. It's an essential tool in our marketing technology stack."

            Meagen Eisenberg
            CMO, MongoDB